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Druid Spell Slot Tracker



Is keeping track of all your spell slots just as frustrating for you as for my players? Then make use of this Spell Slot Tracker to keep track of all your magic-related stuff! By laminating this card and with some dry erase markers you can use this tracker over and over again.

It helps you keeping track of:

  • Used and available spell slots for each level
  • The number of cantrips you know
  • The amount of spells you’ve got prepared
  • Any class-specific elements like wild shape

Besides that, I’ve also incorporated the formula for your spell save DC and spell attack modifier.

I do still recommend reading the player handbook as these contain all the rules regarding spellcasting so I’ve placed the corresponding class page in the bottom right corner ;).


  • The Druid class Spell Slot Tracker
    • 88x127mm card on a A4 pdf
  • Pdf with instructions


It standardly prints as an 88x127mm card when printed on 100% size. The cards contain extra markings in the corners so you can cut a little bit more off for when you want to laminate them and keep the original size.


You can download the instructions here.


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Druid Spell Slot Tracker