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Item Cards



These blank cards are the same size and format (63x88mm) as the official item cards of Dungeons and Dragons but totally fillable! They have roughly the same layout so you can use them nicely together to form a deck with your custom-made items.

These cards print on A4 with 9 cards per page and are form fillable with any PDF viewer. There are 4 pages in total with 36 cards that you can fill digitally or print out directly to write on. You could also print them out and just write on them directly during play. The front and back have been carefully aligned to the center so you can easily print the backside with the motive that’s included in this download.

To give the cards a backside you turn around your printed cards and put them back in the printer. Next, you print the backside of your choosing, either the pattern or the one for extra text. You could also just leave the backside blank for some cool artwork.


  • 63x88mm Item Cards
    • Form fillable pdf’s
    • A backside for a custom image
    • A backside for extra text
    • A backside with a design
  • Pdf with instructions


These cards are blank and are meant to be filled in by yourself. You can use items from dndbeyond for example or create your own items.


You can download the instructions here.


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