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Simplified Character Sheet (portrait)



This alternative take on the regular character sheet takes away all the unnecessary parts where you could write session related information. I find that I would rather write that on a separate piece of paper instead of on the character sheet. What’s left is a clean overview of all the important stats you would need to play.

This sheet contains 2 A4 papers that can be cut through the middle for A5 size to preserve precious table space ;). All the information has been placed from most important on the first and less important like background and bio on later pages. Enjoy!


  • Character sheets
    • Equipment, bio, character design, and spells
    • Different gender versions
    • A5 portrait version
    • Form fillable
  • Pdf with instructions


These sheets can be cut in half for A5 sheets instead of A4 to save precious table space ;). All important information is placed from top to bottom. On the first page, you’ll find all statistics you would need during play. All other information like background and bio is located on later pages. Enjoying!


You can download the instructions here.


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Simplified Character Sheet (portrait)