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Extended Character Sheet



This expansion of the simplified character sheet is specially made for the die hard roleplayer. Not only does it contain al the valuable information you would need but it has also a lot of other extra’s that you would use during a campaign with some nice illustrations. To make it complete I’ve drawn a few different bases for the different races in dnd so you can flesh out your character! There is also a blanco version if you would like to start from scratch or if you like to place an existing image using the form fields in your favourite pdf editor.

These sheets contain 4 A4 pages and 2 extra pages for if you would like a diffrend configuration with 4 different bases and a blanco one. This includes A male and female version for humanoids – like Humans, Elfs and Thieflings -, Dwarfs, Halflings and Dragonborns.


  • Character sheets
    • Equipment, bio, character design, and spells
    • Four different bases including a blanco one for your own design
      • Humanoid, Halfling, Dwarf, Dragonborn
    • Multiple versions for different genders
    • Form fillable
  • Pdf with instructions


These sheets can be cut in half for A5 sheets instead of A4 to save precious table space ;). All important information is placed from top to bottom. On the first page, you’ll find all statistics you would need during play. All other information like background and bio is located on later pages. Enjoying!


You can download the instructions here.


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Extended Character Sheet