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The Cobweb Inn



During this adventure, the party will be forced to spend a night at the Cobweb Inn. A shabby lodge where everything is not quite as it seems and people act a little strange. Unfortunately, there’s nowhere else to go as it’s been storming for days and it doesn’t seem to end any time soon.

To unravel the mystery behind the inn, the party must hold on to their sanity and…

Estimated playtime: 4 – 6 hours
Player level: 6
Party members: 3 – 4
Difficulty: 3

Running the Adventure

You can play this module as a one-off adventure or as part of your campaign as the Cobweb Inn can be placed at any roadside or forest trail. The story has 6 chapters divided into three sections: roleplaying, exploration and combat.


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The Cobweb Inn