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As a Dungeon Master, I know how difficult it is to keeping track of everything that’s going on at the table. Dungeons and Dragons is an amazing game where you can play out infinite possibilities. That means DnD comes with a whole bunch of rules and mechanics to help guide you and play out these fantasies. This can make the game a little too complex – especially if you’re a beginner – and it starts getting a little overwhelming.

After a year of experience as a Dungeon Master, I started to create tools to help me and my party on our adventures. Now I’ve set up this website to share these tips and tricks with you too!

My goal is to create intuitive tools and guides to help you get right into the fun instead of needing to working out all these confusing rules.

“In the end, we all want to slay and loot mighty dragons”

For the

dungeon Masters

Your world at the ready

Tips and tools to prepare and support you during world-building and playing!

Become organized
Get oversight
Create an intuitive workspace
Keep track of everything during combat
Get more focused
"Here you'll find a lot of tools, both free and for sale, to help you get organized as a DM. This way you can completely focus on building and running your adventures."

For the


Dive into the action

Tips, tools, and guides to help you design your character and bringing him to life!

Clean and minimalistic Character Sheets
Free up precious tablespace
Paper tools to flesh out your character
Ways to keep track of your arcane powers
"I've got a lot of tools to help you with the mechanics and other aspects of the game, making it easier to understand, so you can bringing your caracter to life and play the game."

Where to go from here?

This site is still heavily under construction as it’s a lot of work to make everything I create presentable.
I would suggest following me through the options below.

Free downloads!

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Hand drawn

Digital prints

Form Fillable

Intuitive Designs

Make things easy for yourself

Paper downloads

In my opinion, a Character Sheet isn’t there to keep track of your hit points and death saving throws. You don’t want to clutter all this information. I would instead suggest using a notepad for this to keep your Character Sheet clear.

Digital Downloads

Upgrade your game

Easy DIY projects

I’ve made a few tutorials about some helpful tools I made for cheap. Follow them step-by-step and you can make them too!


  • Card holder
  • Initiative tracker
  • Enemy (monster) tracker
  • Combat rounds tracker
  • Storage box


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This site is still heavily under construction, so some of the content is not yet available. I would kindly ask you to be patient or else use my contact details to get in touch with me.


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